The Alki Outfalls – 02 – Finding the Storm Sewer

by Andrew Malinak

When I first saw this pipe, I was shocked. A second pipe on our beach?? I’ve only seen it once or twice since then, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when it was hard to find.

When I did finally figure out where it was, it was deeper than I expected. I tangled myself in the float and rope trying to drop the anchor to the new depth, a sign of how cold I was getting. On my first trip down to the pipe, I could feel the cold catching up to me, and turned back for the boat.

Later on, in a warm shower, I began to wonder what it would be like if the water was warmer here. Could I play all day and never get cold? Would I? Something to ponder, I guess.

And as a bonus, here’s all the starfish footage in real time.