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Haiku | Please tap on the glass

Please tap on the glass


Haiku 2 – video

There was a GoPro beneath the Christmas Tree this year. This seemed like a decent place to start.

From the original haiku To the Victor.

Haiku 11

Swim partner

look down into the
deep green sea, with naught but seals,
shimmering, below

Haiku 10

Cargo pants

I’ll bring you small fish
from the store, tucked in my suit,
if you’ll be my seal.

Haiku 9

Marathon strategy

Just like a 50:
start fast, finish strong, don’t fall
apart in between.

(Written 19 June 2014)

Haiku 8


I am not just a
paper cup. To reach the bridge
requires much effort.

(Written 18 June 2014)

Haiku 7

Jet set

Final boarding call
Suits drip from my carry-on
Next workout, next town

Haiku 6


Sun makes algae bloom.
Algae makes me smell like a
California roll.

Haiku 5

Friday Night

Get home from work. Then,
eat all the cookies. Then, run.
Then, buy more cookies.

(Written 3 May 2013)

Haiku 4

Missed connections

Fast girl in lane four,
I’d have said ‘hi’ if ever
our repeats lined up.

Haiku 3

New suit

It’s me or the suit,
one is a liar. We’re not
both a thirty-two.

Haiku 2

To the victor

“Fame, money, and girls
are what it’s all about,” said
no swimmer ever.

Haiku 1

Closed water

Flip. Flip. Flip. Flip. Flip.
Flip. Flip. Flip. Flip. Flip. Flip. Flip.
Flip. Flip. Flip. Ugh, pools.