Photos: Alki Light

by Andrew Malinak

Alki Light lives at the western edge of Alki Beach on Alki Point. It’s fourth-order Fresnel lens ┬áis operated by USCG Aux Flotilla 2-4 and continues to flash every five seconds at the top of the 39ft octagonal tower built in 1913. For swimmers, Alki Light sits on the often sharp boundary between north and south waters at Alki Beach, which can vary considerably in sea state, temperature, visibility, and flotsam. It is also a great treat to mark a 1km swim from the Bathhouse.


Swimming past Alki Light during storm

Alki Light on calm summer day

Stiff breeze at Alki Light

Waves breaking at Alki Light

Alki Light on clear evening

Alki Light halo