by Andrew Malinak was my training blog, fundraising page, and very often motivation during MIMS training. I’m very proud of the website, and therefore I’m pouting tens of dollars into it each decade to maintain it for your and my viewing pleasures.

There are way to many entries on ASM to repost, plus that isn’t how the internet works. Instead, I’ll give you all the links along with their original cryptic titles and summaries. Enjoy!

Beginning: From the start
Want to know what to expect in this training log? What’s my goal? What keeps me going? Why do I do it? This is the answer to some of those questions.

30 weeks: The Metropolitan Pool is open!
After weeks in forced exile from the local pool, it was nice to return home. This week’s focus was on sticking to my training schedule and making swimming a regular part of my routine. Also, I got a cold.

29 weeks: Turkeys wreak havoc on training
Happy Thanksgiving! Visiting the family sometimes takes precedent over training. I just wish I had planned a bit better. Also, the Hudson is cold.

28 weeks: Swimmer displays weak schooling tendencies
I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of teams, but I’m still happy with my choice. The flexibility I get from creating my own schedule has been very important so far.

27 weeks: Focus on your breathing
What’s harder than swimming around Manhattan? Yup, ninety minutes of yoga. Also, I rant briefly about poor swimming etiquette, brought on by little kids in the fast lane. This is the joy of the Public Pool.

26 weeks: Underwater, you can’t hear sleigh bells jingling
I attempt to swim at 6am Monday morning and don’t wake up until Tuesday night; my training is intact after a week of holiday parties; and some suggested reading.

25 weeks: Home for the Holidays
‘Twas the week before Christmas and things are getting busy. My training competes with family, friends, and travel, and comes out a little behind. Also, I jump in the Hudson on Christmas Day.

24 weeks: Slow and Steady
The holidays are over, so everything can go back to normal. I start the week with a fantastic workout, but it goes downhill as my legs cramp up a lot. I am inspired to fit in more kicking into my workouts.

23 weeks: On the road: Houston, TX
On the road this week in Houston, TX for work. I get a lane to myself which is nice, but get some more bad leg cramps which are not so nice. I’ve been doing some research on nutrition to correct this; I’m changing my diet slightly adding starches.

22 weeks: Love letter to carbs
This week, the fight between Sleep and Awake continues, and making it to morning practice gains Awake two big victories. And it looks like starch was the key. I felt great all week with lots of energy and no leg cramps. This is good news: not only am I understanding what to eat, when, and why, I also just really like carbs.

21 weeks: A typical January day
There isn’t anything earth-shatteringly new this week, so I’m just going to tell you about my Thursday. It was a pretty typical day.

20 weeks: Evening workouts reach limits
As predicted, my nights are becoming filled with little else but swimming. I just didn’t expect it to happen this fast. An unplanned Saturday swim turned out to be the best idea ever, and may be a big part of my new training pattern.

19 weeks: A lesson in planning
This week’s lesson: Plan ahead. Because of poor scheduling, I’m short a few kilometers at the end of the week.

18 weeks: Public Pool Anxiety
I’ve been looking for new places to swim because I’m getting self-conscious about my training. Entertain me for a minute while I ramble about this. And, my leg cramps came back, but this time it mustn’t be from lack of sugars.

17 weeks: How to swim downhill
With a week of solid, unexcting training behind me, I complete a 3-hour pool swim on Saturday in a private lane. It was glorious, or as glorious as staring at a wall for hours can be. Not surprising, I had a lot of time to think while doing it.

16 weeks: On the road: Olean, NY
This week: I travel to the Finger Lakes region of New York and train at the local Y; I justify eating an entire pizza as “training”, and I tempt fate by sliding down a mountain on a board.

15 weeks: A flipping good time
This week was bookended by sore muscles caused by extra-aquatic activities. There was a trip to a pool in Annapolis to swim with my mom, and I contemplate flip turns and my sanity.

14 weeks: Riverbank!
This week, I trade in late nights for early mornings and head to Riverbank in the mornings. I rediscover how different long pools are after spending the winter in short pools, swim with a MIMS swimmer, and do fewer flip turns.

13 weeks: More mornings at Riverbank
This week: I trained four mornings at Riverbank; figured out a system to get me out of bed in the mornings; and jumped in some cold, cold water.

12 weeks: Swimming for fun
This week, I take a moment to stare at the Hudson from the deck of Riverbank and remember why I swim, and the rest of the week is much more pleasant.

11 weeks: On the Road – Indiana, PA
This week, I find a comfortable pool-away-from-home in Indiana, PA; somebody reverses my 8-year-old label of being “uncommitted”; and I soldier through long work hours. I also read Hunger Games, but that isn’t relevant.

10 weeks: Next week will be better
This week, I work too much, and don’t swim enough. Simple as that

9 weeks: Out of PA, into the Hudson
This week, I finish up in Pennsylvania, rediscover running, and jump in the Hudson a few times for my first open-water swim of the year.

8 weeks: Settling back in
This week, I’m back in NYC, but my mind isn’t back in my swimming; I battle some laziness, and have second thoughts about going to Brighton for the first time this year.

7 weeks: Brighton, I’ve missed you
This week, after a week of pretty solid training I head to the beach. Twice.

6 weeks: Slow start, happy ending
This week, another slow start to the week becomes an excellent end to the week. I push my morning training to its limits, make it to Flushing for a long workout, and go to the beach on a rainy day.

5 weeks: The water is now open
This week, some more pool and then some good weekend swims in the open water.

4 weeks: A cold, and then some warm
This week, I catch a cold and sabotage my training by going out after work. Then I make up for it with a nice long swim in a lake.

3 weeks: Chicago!
This week, I make it to Riverbank four mornings in a row and then head out west for the Memorial Day weekend with some friends. While there, I take a dip in a very large lake.

2 weeks: Trust
This week, I return from Memorial Day weekend and have my last week of training before my taper begins. The weekend is spent swimming the Hudson and working on my trust issues.

1 week: Tapering
This week, I define “taper” as “sleeping in”, and swim at two new beaches.

0 weeks: Relapsing?
This week I really get into my taper, and fill my free time with non-aquatic fun. Simultaneously, I yearn for some harder workouts.

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