This is a blog by Andrew Malinak about swimming.

From time to time, Andrew likes to open up a bottle or two of wine and create things. Sometimes those things are handcrafted cards, sometimes they are graduate school applications, sometimes they are maps, and occasionally those things are marathon swims. Whatever the medium, the things tend to be involve swimming. He also likes to share, and therefore many of those things get published here. Enjoy.

So what is an Andrew Malinak and why is he swimming?

Andrew lives in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington and swims at Alki Beach in West Seattle. To pay for his bad habits, he works by day as a geotechnical engineer. He drives a car in which there is much sand and many beach towels. Someday, he hopes to be an aquarium exhibit. He is a Libra. He has a mermaid tattoo. Obviously.


Andrew can be reached by visiting the Alki Beach bath house around 9:30am on Saturdays.

If his red and white canvas bag isn’t there, check the fireplace at Tully’s Coffee Shop across the street, or the Celtic Swell Pub next door.


Or if you are looking for a contact for, you can head to the Northwest Open Water Swimming Association website.